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Lead-acid picks up rhythm in New Orleans

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 16:26 -- John Shepherd

The mood music for this week’s gathering of the lead-acid faithful at Battery Council International’s annual convention, this year in New Orleans, promises to be upbeat.

The lead industry in Europe recently faced down— for now at least— proposals attacking the manufacture of lead-acid batteries. 

And a new ‘roadmap’ setting out future opportunities for lead technology— including in storage applications— will also be unveiled at BCI by the newly-launched Consortium for Battery Innovation.

The storage market is a key battleground for battery makers of every technological hue, which is why some 30 companies have signed a commitment to “prioritise” safety, as we report on our web site.

Battery producers and users are alert to the persistent safety concerns surrounding lithium-ion batteries. Their safety pledge came just days before an explosion at a lithium-ion BESS facility in the US grabbed the headlines.

Safety must always come first, but reputational risk is now on the line more than ever. 

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