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Lead strikes oil as investors drill down on storage tech

Tue, 04/23/2019 - 11:27 -- John Shepherd

Whatever “new” technology India’s state-owned oil corporation may be teasing the Pb market with, the announcement we report on in the latest edition of BEST Battery Briefing fits a global pattern of fossil-fuel corporates (think of Shell, BP and Total) moving into battery storage tech.

Indian Oil has already signed a technology tie-up with an aluminium-air battery start-up, but the corporation’s strong backing for lead-acid shows there is still traction, and attraction, for Pb storage.

Lithium still claims dominance in the energy storage sector— but the potential for lead is highlighted in a new online map of more than 120 projects worldwide. The Consortium for Battery Innovation has launched the map ahead of its unveiling of a new technology roadmap for lead— click here to read more about that in the spring 2019 edition of our quarterly BESTmag.

Lithium is of course still regarded as king of the EV road, but Elon Musk’s latest Twitter outburst about battery partner Panasonic highlights the pressures involved in advancing battery tech to stay ahead in the commercial fast lane.