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Black-start ESS commercialisation is as simple as ABC for bipolar lead battery firm

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 14:42 -- paul Crompton

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) has launched a residential storage system using lead batteries to address the growing need for emergency power in the US. 

The system, called Home Emergency Energy Storage (HEES), relies on the firm’s patented GreenSeal bipolar batteries.

The HEES system can be situated in about eight-square feet of interior space preferably located near the main circuit box. 

Once installed, storage is downstream from an in-bound electric inverter that helps maintain power storage.

When grid power is lost, the system automatically delivers electricity until grid power is restored. The system can provide up to 6kW and draws upon a storage reserve of 18kWh to power critical loads. Run times can be up to two full days.

The University of Michigan's Ross Business School Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) program helped the company assess and analyse the energy marketplace.

The MAP data, in conjunction with the 12-year development conducted by ABC, led to the invention of the bipolar battery and a state-of-the-art production facility in Clare, Michigan.

ABC’s founder and CEO, Edward Shaffer, said: "We accomplished this in a relatively short period of time thanks to our entire team and through utilisation of our low volume production line designed specifically to supply batteries for the micro-grid energy storage market."

He added: "We recognised a growing need for safe and reliable backup power. We have that. We are taking the same measured and responsible steps we relied on during product development for the roll-out into the market. 

“We will establish distribution within an initially limited geographic area so as to verify the functions and features of this unique energy storage solution. We have invested our time and resources to come this far.”

Bipolar lead battery

ABC's patented GreenSeal batteries' feature bipolar construction enables much greater production efficiencies with less environmental impacts than traditional storage batteries. 

Michael Everett, ABC's chief operating officer, said: "Our GreenSeal battery manufacturing facility in Clare, Michigan, is an advanced proving ground for robust scale manufacturing processes that efficiently enables continuous production of our batteries. 

“GreenSeal manufacturing is reliable, precise, clean and minimises environmental impact of a lead-acid plant to levels unattainable in traditional manufacturing plants. Low investment capital, smaller footprint, much reduced power consumption and significantly improved EH&S considerations.”

You can read more about bipolar batteries in our special report by Dr Mike McDonagh HERE

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