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Back to the future: Targeting the 1.3 billion without power

Critical Power (CP): Why have you launched PowerXpand now?

Gearing up for future growth

Perkins’ original diesel engine factory in Stafford, UK, established in 1870, is now an Indian restaurant.

The Big Question: Will the EU get tough on critical power emissions?

The European Union (EU) has established categories of allowable emissions in non-road diesel engines called Stages I, II, IIIA, IIIB and IV.

Demand response: Time to take the leap of faith?

3-28aTraditionally in the UK, electricity supply has involved ge

BlackCurrent: Bringing UPS to the domestic market

3-38aMark Rigby is a true innovator.

Top tips for ensuring maximum UPS battery reliability and longevity

3-42aUPS batteries are vital to the reliable op

Taking ‘'green tech'’ global

3-50aWhen manufacturing transfers between the UK and Japan, it is usu

Cummins Power unveils fresh models

3-56aCummins Power Generation has unveiled a new line-up of gensets, including four smaller gensets based on its