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All the news and views from the world of energy storage and associated industries.

LiNa Energy makes third appointment of year in sodium battery commercialisation drive

Battery developer LiNa Energy has appointed auto industry expert Richard Dauch as a special adviser. 


Indonesia takes a step closer to domestic end-to-end battery industry

The latest move in the Indonesian government’s intention to develop domestic manufacture of electric vehicle batteries has seen a shareholders agreement for the Indonesian Battery Corporation (IBC).

Faraday Institution commits $31M on refocused battery research to deliver on UK energy goal

Battery research organisation The Faraday Institution has committed £22.6million ($31 million) toward a two-year goal of driving development of electrochemical energy at UK universities.


American Manganese produces lithium-ion cathode material and secures Korean patent

Lithium-ion battery recycler American Manganese and metallurgical laboratory and R&D contractor Kemetco Research has produced cathode precursor material.


India commissions its first grid-connected lithium-ion ESS on its renewable energy journey

Nexcharge, a joint venture between Exide technologies and Leclanché, has inaugurated India’s first grid connected lithium-ion energy storage system to deliver better levels of stability, reliability, quality and control.

Simple tools reveal high-fidelity truth in lithium-ion batteries

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have determined how to build a safer battery by studying a lithium-ion battery electrode particle by particle.

Swedish Energy Agency awards grant to develop Sweden’s battery industry

The Swedish Energy Agency has issued a grant of SEK3.8 million ($437,699) to drive a research project in zinc-ion technology as Sweden aims to strengthen its competitiveness in the battery industry.

GM bolsters partnership to drive development of its high nickel pouch cells

Vehicle OEM General Motors (GM) has revealed a joint development agreement with lithium metal battery developer SolidEnergy Systems (SES) as it continues to drive development of its high-nickel lithium-ion pouch cells.

ABC appoints battery veteran to its technical advisory board

Lead battery technology development company Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) has appointed Randy Moore to its Technical Advisory Board.  

MoU between Australian and Japanese firms to develop VRFB materials

Technology Metals Australia has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with vanadium redox flow battery firm LE System (LES) to investigate ways of extracting materials from a mining site in Western Australia.