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Korean firm ups UHMW-PE production to meet demand of lead-acid and lithium-ion battery industry

Petrochemical firm Hanwha Total has increased its annual plastic production capacity to meet demand for separators from lithium-ion and lead-acid battery makers.


Lithium ions research shines light on path to precisely designed batteries for individual uses

An international team of researchers has developed a proof of concept technique for precisely tracking the movement of lithium ions moving through a polymer electrolyte within batteries.


LG Chem cell failures trigger recall notice for home lithium-ion ESS

Korean battery giant LG Chem is recalling models of its lithium-ion home energy storage system units amid overheating and fire concerns.


German-US research partnership makes breakthrough in dual-ion cells

A collaboration between US and German scientists has developed a dual-ion battery they claim is safer, cheaper and more sustainable than established energy storage systems.


South Korean firm eyes 20% market share of key lithium-ion battery materials with ten years

South Korea's steel group Posco aims to control 20% of the global lithium and nickel battery materials supply chain by the close of the decade.


MoU signals strong growth opportunities for the Australian VRFB market

Australian Vanadium has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Singapore based vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) manufacturer, V-Flow Tech.


Lithium-ion battery recycler to produce black mass at second North America plant

Lithium-ion battery recycler facility Li-Cycle has opened a second plant to produce black mass for the battery industry in New York, US.


US researchers open door for magnesium batteries to disrupt the ESS market

Researchers from the University of Houston and the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA) have developed a new cathode and electrolyte that could help magnesium batteries compete with lithium-ion.


Dew point hypothesis reveals ultimate conditions for making NMC 811 lithium-ion batteries

Researchers from the UK’s WMG, University of Warwick, have found that dew points of around -45oC are the best for storing and processing the materials for making high-nickel batteries such as NMC 811.


ABB and Talga sign MoU to build Europe’s biggest lithium-ion battery anode plant

Australian battery anode company Talga Group and Switzerland technology firm ABB are set to develop and construct a lithium-ion battery anode production facility in Sweden.