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Cummins launches C17D5T series gensets

Cummins has launched the C17D5T series of gensets, which is being targeted for mobile telecommunications in the world’s fast-growing developing markets. Cummins C17D5T

FG Wilson launches redesigned range

Northern Irish genset manufacturer FG Wilson has unveiled a redesigned range of diesel gensets rated between 455 and 750kVA. 

A123 Update

A123 is in deals with Wanxiang Group Corporation for a US$50 million emergency loan to fund its bankruptcy case.

Storm disrupts power across New York

Five million people have been left without power as Hurricane Sandy moves inland up the east coast of America and Canada.

Battery conductor shape mimics flower

A flower shaped semiconductor that could boost battery technology has been created by researchers at North Carolina State University.  The nano-sized structures have ‘petals’ made from the semiconductor material germanium sulphide (GeS) stacked to

13ELBC in Paris

The ESPL team has returned from 13ELBC in Paris, the editor has been to many a battery conference so had a different take from his junior who was fresh to the conference world and easily impressed by free pens.

Hope for A123 Systems

Fraught battery manufacturer A123 Systems has been handed salvation in the form of a US $465 million investment from Chinese car-parts maker Wanxiang Group Corporation.

Award for Accutronics and Aston University

Battery manufacturers Accutronics, based in Birmingham UK, have been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership award for a joint project with Birmingham’s Aston University Business School.

Plant-based anodes for lithium batteries

Chinese companies Kuraray and Kureha are to produce lithium-ion batteries made from plant-based raw materials at a joint factory in Okayama Prefecture.

H-Train of tomorrow, today

A hydrogen-powered hybrid train has been designed and built by students at the University of Birmingham, UK.  The prototype narrow gauge locomotive, running on a 5 000-litre hydrogen fuel cell combined with lead-acid batteries, is the first of its