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Hyundai and SK Innovation partner to develop EV lithium-ion battery industry ecosystem

Vehicle OEM Hyundai Motor Group and lithium-ion battery maker SK Innovation will partner to create a battery value chain and strengthen eco-friendliness of electric vehicle batteries.


Bushveld and Invinity JV to rent electrolyte to vanadium redox flow battery developers

Vanadium producer Bushveld Minerals has formed a company with Invinity Energy Systems to rent vanadium electrolyte to energy storage system end users. 


EnerVenue launches with boast its metal-hydrogen batteries can beat lithium-ion in the ESS market

Metal-hydrogen battery maker EnerVenue began its journey to disrupt lithium-ion’s dominance of the large-scale energy storage system market on 27 August with $12 million in seed funding.


DOE researchers increase lithium-sulfur battery performance using silica cathodes

Researchers at U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have found a polar, nonconductive cathode can increase the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries.


India begins move to create domestic lithium-ion battery industry and curb reliance on imported cells

Concern that India is too reliant on imported lithium-ion batteries from Asia have been somewhat dulled with news two firms are set to manufacture cells in the country.


Hydroelectric-solar-lithium-ion microgrid marks successful first year at Patagonia National Park

A “run-of-the-river” hydroelectric power station, photovoltaic installation, and lithium-ion battery storage system have been successfully used to deliver power to facilities in the Patagonia National Park.


Merger paves way for solid-state lithium-metal battery production

Battery developer QuantumScape Corporation is set to start production of its solid-state lithium-metal batteries via its joint venture with the Volkswagen Group following a billion dollar merger with Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp.


US start-up receives $1.7 million to commercialise its zinc-based battery

Battery start-up Anzode has received a $1.7 million to conduct a three-year project developing its secondary zinc-manganese battery technology.


Hybrid ESS to use flywheels to extend lithium-ion battery life in grid application

A hybrid energy storage system has been completed in the Netherlands utilising lithium-ion batteries from Leclanché and flywheel technology from S4 Energy. 


Australia to introduce recycling rebate scheme to be funded by levy on handheld consumer batteries

A levy will be placed on all batteries, except lead-acid and those already under existing schemes, being imported into Australia through a national stewardship scheme.